Rev Terrence O'Brien

Senior Pastor

Worship & Church School

Sunday 10:00am 

354 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ 07452



Based in warmth and citizenship, Glen Rock is the perfect home for Community Church of Glen Rock (CCGR). As a caring and accepting congregation of the Reformed Church in America, we thrive on our openness and our varied Christian backgrounds. Generations of families continue to attend and new families join us, providing CCGR with a rich spiritual history, infused with both tradition and innovation.


Our strength continues to be our sense of fellowship—a love for all those young and old who enter our doors and make CCGR their home. We are united in God’s love, and in Christ we find our spirit, our purpose and the empowerment to live and act in our lives and our communities.

As one family in Jesus Christ, we are at the same time alike and different. Respecting each person’s effort to move forward on his or her faith journey, we try to provide a nurturing environment conducive to group and individual journeys. Our church is committed to growing in love and faith as we share our gifts and talents. We are driven by a thirst for spiritual growth and a willingness to care for and nurture each other. As a participatory congregation, we encourage members to seek opportunities for involvement, but never require more than an open mind and an open heart on Sunday morning.

As a caring and accepting congregation

we thrive on our openness

and our varied Christian backgrounds