Rev Terrence O'Brien

Senior Pastor

Worship & Church School

Sunday 10:00am 

354 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ 07452



Confirmation is an affirmation of baptism, rather than a separate sacrament in the Reformed tradition. The confirmation program is intended to offer young people a focused exploration of what it means to be part of the particular Christian community that is the Community Church of Glen Rock (CCGR), as well as part of the larger Body of Christ that is the Church Universal.


Our young people will have an opportunity to decide for themselves whether they are ready to affirm the promises made by God and claimed on their behalf by their parents when they were baptized.


As such, confirmation is not a kind of “religious graduation,” but rather a coming of age in accepting adult status, responsibility, and membership in this family of faith. It is a milestone on the Christian journey, a public marking of the distance traveled, and the young person’s personal intention to continue the journey.