Rev Terrence O'Brien

Senior Pastor

Worship & Church School

Sunday 10:00am 

354 Rock Rd, Glen Rock, NJ 07452


Small Groups

CCGReen: This group meets monthly to examine our impact on and our responsibility for God’s creation.  It both serves in hands-on ways by recycling and helping others to do so, as well as educating the congregation about issues in worship and Bible studies.  This group is open to all members of the community.


Church School Moms Group:  Mothers of youth attending the church school program gather throughout the year to share their bond of motherhood, provide encouragement and spiritual support to one another, and foster friendships that will carry them through this season of life.  

College Mom’s Group:  Building on a foundation of church school fellowship, mothers of youth attending college join together to share their experiences, rejoice in the accomplishments of their children, and prepare care packages full of well wishes and tasty treats from their home church.  

We offer a variety of programs to foster spiritual growth and fellowship.

Discovery Group: Women from the congregation meet monthly for fellowship and inquiry into a variety of topics and interests to all women, and to serve others in our church and community.   


Guild for Christian Service:  The Guild for Christian Service meets once a month for luncheon followed by a devotional and a program of interest.  The Guild sponsors dinners (Beefsteak and Fish and Chips) for fellowship of the church and to raise money for church programs.  Other activities include a Christmas Boutique featuring home baked foods, a card party in the spring, work with Community Thrift Shop and service projects to a nursing home of the Reform Church.  Further work and caring is found in the circles which meet once a month in members’ homes. 


Pot Luck Suppers: Congregation members, their families and friends gather monthly on a Sunday evening to share in fellowship and comforting homemade food contributed by all who attend.  


Week in Review: Congregation members meet on Mondays for an introspective discussion of the Sunday “Week in Review” section of The New York Times focusing on the Christian point of view. 


Women’s Book Group: Women from our congregation and the surrounding communities gather throughout the year to discuss thought-provoking novels and inspirational stories that provide a catalyst for spiritual growth and fellowship.